After a highly successful first series, released in June 2020, Vintage Voltage returns to our screens for Season 2.
Vintage Voltage follows Richard “Moggy” Morgan and his team of electric car experts as they convert and restore classic cars into electric power.
They are global leaders in electrifying classic cars including everything from Porsches to Land-Rovers. But they face a huge challenge as they re-engineer classic cars with 21st century power and technology while keeping the looks and appeal of the original.

With some cars more than 50 years old it's never going to be easy...
About the Show

In the valleys of mid Wales a revolution is underway, as iconic cars of the past are being given a new lease of life. In the brand-new TV series, Vintage Voltage. Richard ‘Moggy’ Morgan and his team of cutting-edge mechanics are taking classic cars and re-engineering them as electric cars for the future. With owners wanting more power, more performance but with less cost to their pocket and to the planet, the solution is electric. 
Master mechanic Richard Morgan and his tech savvy, passionate team have developed the skills and technology to give much loved classics an electrifying twist.

Creators behind Vintage Voltage

Creator Rupert Bryan, and co-creator Louisa Edwards from MPH Film, started to develop Vintage Voltage in 2017. MPH Film teamed up with Attaboy TV to create a new format, and  co-produce the show together.
Acquisition for Discovery

Vintage Voltage has been produced for Discovery owned networks on both sides of the Atlantic. In the U.S., the series aired on Motor Trend TV (formerly Velocity) and all ten episodes are currently available on the Motor Trend App, the only subscription streaming service dedicated entirely to the motoring world. In the UK, the series will air on Quest and was bought by Jamie Watkins, Manager, Acquisitions. Quest airs the series from June 25th 2020. The co-financing jigsaw is completed by ITV Studios GE with the deal negotiated by Harry Arkwright, Global Acquisitions Executive, Non-Scripted.
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